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Do you know how to overhaul the pump motor

1. Check that the power Mower Deck Spindle cord plug of the pneumatic wrench, the plug power cord, are intact, and the inspection certificate is within the validity period.
2. Handles such as file knives, hand saws, screwdrivers, wire cutters, etc. should be assembled firmly, and it is strictly forbidden to use them without handles.
3. The manual hoist is checked by the staff of the manufacturer of the water pump and motor; the certificate is within the validity period; whether the chain has cracks, whether the rotation of the transmission chain is jammed, and whether the lifting ring has a safety device to prevent hair loss, so as to ensure that it is in good condition and works well. The medium and medium load is strictly prohibited to exceed the specifications on the factory nameplate.
4. The lifting and sling should be inspected as qualified as possible, and obvious safety factor safety guardrails and lifting warning signs should be set up near the working area of ​​the lifting equipment, and the staff will be set up on-site to check when lifting.
5. The inspection safety tool certificate is complete and valid.
6. Fireproof cloth or other safety devices should be installed near the area during hot work, and fire welding workers should try to wear qualified work clothes and other protective equipment.
7. Workers working at heights should try their best to use safety belts and anti-fall safety devices that have passed the inspection, and tie them to a solid frame when using the water pump motor of the wall-hung boiler.
8. Set up protective fences and lay rubber sleeves for on-site maintenance areas to carry out scientific, reasonable and efficient safety protection.